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For the 2009 season, the NH Phantoms are offering a new program that seeks to bring the New Hampshire Soccer community together in a more festive and cooperative approach including all youth soccer clubs in the area.  The NH Phantoms thank clubs in advance for taking the time to review this new program.


What are the NH Phantoms Super Y youth teams?

§         In 2009, the NH Phantoms will field youth teams for boys U13, 14, 15, 16, 17, and U20 as well as girls U13, U15 and U17.

§         In the past, in an effort to provide players with the greatest opportunity to play, the NH Phantoms participated in both USYSA league play and events, e.g. GSYSL, Region 1, state cup, etc., as well as the USL Super Y league  www.superyleague.com  In retrospect, this reduced attendance to NH Phantoms PDL games as some animosity was created among area clubs who perceived that the NH Phantoms to be recruiting players away from area clubs.

§         In 2009 and going forward, the NH Phantoms will focus on playing in only the USL league and will not compete head to head with area clubs in USYSA league play and events.  This creates a much more favorable and cooperative environment for all clubs and players involved.  Players will be able to play with their USYSA club which has league play primarily in the fall and spring (U14 and younger) and just in the spring for the U15 and older players.  The NH Phantoms league play is primarily in the summer which minimizes conflicts with USYSA spring league play and events.  Because the NH Phantoms will play solely in USL, there should be no conflicts of club loyalty, recruiting, etc.  Instead, the NH Phantoms program will exist cooperatively with USYSA clubs to compliment each other and provide a seamless process for players seeking more training and games.


What does the NH Phantoms Super Y youth team program include?

§          All gear, uniform kits, outerwear, etc.

§          Winter training – late November and early December selection period

§          Winter training – January through April

§          Winter GK training with Mustapha Achab, Moroccan national team GK with World Cup and Olympic experience.

§          Spring/Summer training sessions and games.

§          All fees for coaching, registration and insurance, administration, field use, etc.

§          Each player receives a family season pass to all home games for the NH Phantoms PDL team.

§          The fee for the full program is $900.

§          Players may also be selected as reserves which include training gear, training, and limited game play – $500 or if from an affiliated club $300  balance,if selected to roster.

§          Selected players from “affiliated” USYSA clubs will pay only $700 for the full season and $300 as a reserve.  For more information on becoming an “affiliated” club working cooperatively with the NH Phantoms,  contact Donna Dupuis at 603-329-9626 or  phantomsnh11@aol.com

§          Through Super Y league play, players are also eligible to be selected to attend the national Super Y ODP camp.


What is the NH Phantoms PDL team?

§         The NH Phantoms (Premier Development League) PDL team is a U23 team including the top college players in the region playing in the very competitive and national USL Premier Development League  www.uslsoccer.com  Many current professional players got their start on PDL teams.  Standard ticket pricing at the gate is $8 adult and $5 youth, so entry for a typical family would be $26 with the value of a family season pass at $208.


What is the NH Phantoms affiliation program?

Each player from an affiliated club receives a family pass to Phantoms PDL home games, a $208 value.

§         Each player from an affiliated club selected to a Phantoms Super Y team will receive a significant discount from the standard player fee.  For the 2009 season, the standard fee is $900 per player and $700 for players from affiliated clubs.

§         Each player from an affiliated club attending a Phantoms soccer camp will receive a 10% discount off the standard fee.

§         Each team from an affiliated club playing in Phanzone league play will receive a 10% discount

§         Each team from an affiliated club renting time in the Phanzone will receive a  10% discount

§         Each player from an affiliated club purchasing gear from the Phanzone online store will receive a 10% discount on Adidas gear

§         Each affiliated club will receive a NH Phantoms pre-season coaching clinic.

§         Each coach from an affiliated club will be invited to two PDL pre-game coaching clinics.

§         Coaches and players from affiliated clubs will be able to meet the NH Phantoms on the field after PDL home games.

§         Players from affiliated clubs will have the opportunity to be ball boys-girls at PDL games and receive a free Phantoms shirt.


What is the cost to become a NH Phantoms affiliated club?

The cost to affiliate will be based on the number of participating players in your club.

  • 0 to 300 players at $10 per player, $1,000 minimum.
  • 300 or more players or more at $7 per player.

How can your club afford this?

The per player cost for a typical travel team player in area clubs can run from $300-$400 per year up to $1,200-$1,500 per year depending upon the number of activities, tournaments, winter training, gear, coaching, etc.  $10 per player as a percentage would range only from 0.5% to 3% of total player fees.  On the aggregate level, it may appear expensive, but for most, if not all clubs, it may possible to absorb this $10 per player expense without raising player fees. While offering each of their players a free family season pass ($208 value) to the Phantoms PDL games as well as all of the other potential benefits listed above.


The overarching benefit?

The Greater Manchester area includes the Fisher Cats (baseball), the Wolves (football), the Monarchs (hockey), the Millrats (basketball) and the Phantoms (soccer).  Of these organizations, the Phantoms starting in 1996 are the longest running organization.  Having a top level soccer team in New Hampshire to watch and to aspire to play for is an important piece of the NH soccer community.  For the young soccer players and coaches, it is important to watch high level games as part of the development process.  These games are being played by the NH Phantoms right in the backyard of the NH soccer community.  For 2009, the NH Phantoms are looking for the PDL games to be more festive and highly attended.


The NH Phantoms will be looking to add pre-game and halftime skills contests, e.g. juggling, shooting accuracy, shooting power, dribbling, etc., with winning players receiving Phantoms gear, autographed balls, or tickets to Revolution games and recognized for their skill level on the Phantoms web site.


How can you learn more?

The NH Phantoms intend on directly contacting area clubs to become part of this program.  For more information or for a meeting and discussion with your club board of directors, contact Donna Dupuis at 603-329-9626 or phantomsnh11@aol.com